Airline Packing Tips that Make Your Trip Easier

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Packing for short trips, may not be too much of a problem. But for long trips to foreign countries, moving around the city, especially by bringing along children or babies, carefulness in packing becomes one of the determinants of your trip comfort. Therefore, there is no harm in paying attention to the following airline packing tips:

Airline Packing Tips that Make Your Trip Easier

Determine the size of the suitcase

We often forget to choose a right size suitcase that is enough for the items that were taken while leaving without giving extra space when returning. If you plan to shop while abroad, you should leave an empty space in the suitcase. It doesn’t matter if you carry a large suitcase with only half the contents.

The weight of your luggage

Besides the size of the suitcase, one of the most important airline packing tips to keep in mind is the free luggage for your flight. Usually, airlines will give free 20 kilograms of luggage for economy class and 30 kilograms for the class above. Excess weight will be calculated per kg at an expensive rate.

That is why it is important to choose only the items that are light & do not need too much space. Because of this weight limitation, you need to sort out the items to be carried, not only in term of size but also the weight. For example, for bathing purposes, you should choose the small ones. You do not need to carry a thick towel.

Divide between luggage and cabin bags

Each passenger is allowed to carry a cabin size bag to take to the plane. Separate important items to be placed in a cabin bag or handbag. While other items are stored in a large suitcase to enter luggage. Handbags are used for documents such as passports, airline tickets, reading books, music players and medicines. Cash should be partially stored in a handbag other than in your wallet. Remember there are restrictions on liquids that can enter the cabin.

Do not carry items that are not needed or do not match the conditions at the destination.

Vertical suitcases or bags made from relatively lightweight materials will be more efficient and practical than large and heavy suitcases. At best, before packing for what items and clothes to bring, you should consider the purpose and duration of the trip. This list will help you in deciding which items to bring also to check if there are items that are left behind before you leave.

Other things to note

You are not suggested to carry items that are not needed or do not match the conditions at the destination. For example, if at the destination place you are going up and down the plane, bus, ferry, and then proceed with another vehicle, you should bring a brief and practical bag. You also need to group items such as cosmetics, medicines, chargers, etc. in pockets or small purses. This will make it easier for us to find the items needed.

Those are the airline packing tips that can help you prepare for your trip more easily. Do not forget to double-check the items you need to bring and the things you need to do before leaving.

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