Do not Go Anywhere before Reading These Best Packing Tips

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What comes to mind every time the holidays come? Of course, it is time to pack!!! In this article, we will give you some of the best packing tips that can help you prepare your luggage and bags. It is nice and exciting to think about what clothes to take, isn’t it?

Do not Go Anywhere before Reading These Best Packing Tips

Organize the items in your suitcase

One of the most important things included in the best packing tips is organizing the items that you bring. To save space in a suitcase or bag, you should roll each piece of pants or shirt and put it in plastic (it will be better to use plastic ziplock) to keep it tidy. Alternatively, you can also stack some clothes and roll them like a large sausage. This method is effective to help reduce blisters.

If your trip is long enough and requires you to move from one hotel to another, make it a habit to place the used or dirty clothing in the basic position of the suitcase. Although they have been used, fold the clothes as neatly as possible to save luggage space. Besides, it is also important to wrap items that are easily broken like a perfume bottle in socks or thick clothing and put it in the middle of the suitcase. Other small items such as shoes, hair dryers, and small irons should be at the bottom, and light items should be placed at the top.

Make yourself comfortable

Bring a practical inflatable cushion used to support the neck if we need to sleep on the way (if you are a person who has difficulty sleeping). Important medicines are also needed to be taken other than the medicine you drink every day (if you have a disease such as high blood pressure), such as a medicine for reducing fever, diarrhea, and ulcer medication. You can also bring multivitamins, balm, and plaster for wounds. If you think that there will be a lot of mosquitoes, consider bringing mosquito repellent lotion, too.

Bring the appropriate bag and important items only

Besides bringing the right-sized suitcase or bag you also need to provide a folding bag in the suitcase as a backup in case it will be needed sometime. Choose clothes that can be matched (in terms of designs and colors) so you do not have to carry all kinds of accessories for each color of clothing. To make it easier, you can bring black, gray or brown clothes that are easily paired with other colors.

It is essential t remember that items containing liquids such as tonics, lotions, shampoos, etc., should be included in a plastic ziplock. Besides, you are not suggested to fully fill the bottle because if you travel on the airplane, the air pressure on the plane will cause the contents to overflow. Moreover, flight regulations do not allow liquid items that are more than 100ml to be brought to the cabin.

After reading the best packing tips above, you become ready to go for a trip, don’t you? Be safe, and happy traveling!

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