Best Time to Travel to Singapore and Bali for a Perfect Holiday

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Picking the best time to travel to Singapore and Bali can make your holiday memorable and unforgettable. There are some occasional and annual events on the area held during a specific time. Here is the perfect time for you to visit Singapore and Bali.


Best time to visit Singapore

Having a New Year holiday in Singapore will be awesome since there will be many events held around the end of December from Christmas preparation until New Year’s Eve. The Orchard Road will be full of Christmas decoration such as Christmas trees, and snowflakes beautifully arranged on along the road. A must watch attraction is the fireworks show on the New Year’s Eve in the Marina Bay Sands. If you are bored with the view around the area, then you can explore the nearest local night market and browse for special souvenirs. If you are lucky, there will be many End of Year sale on stores so you should prepare for a shopping bonanza once you visit Singapore in December.

As mentioned before, Marina Bay Sands is a good place to watch New Year firework. But, if you come around August to this place, then you won’t be sorry because it is one of the best time to visit Singapore. You can explore the area near the Marina Bay Sands such as the Marina Bay itself and the Gardens by The Bay. August is the independence month of Singapore where there will be a National Day festival that offers you with many shows around the Marina Bay Sands. There will be a lot of attraction from day until night. One of the noticeable attractions is the Air Jet show performed by the Air Force of Singapore.

Best time to visit Bali

As many people might know, Bali is the tropical paradise of the world. The place is also known to be very friendly to backpackers that have a low travel budget. Whatever your travel budget is, visiting Bali in a good time will give you a great holiday experience. For instance, if you want to visit the Kuta beach, then it is best for you to come around the dry season in October. The weather will be great for sun tanning, doing water sports, or surfing. Also, there will be an annual event called Kuta Carnival where you can find many attractions such as cartoon exhibition, screenings, fashion and food carnival, and many more.

If you are bored with Kuta, then Ubud can be your alternative for a different Bali atmosphere. It is a good place for a calm and relaxed holiday. Ubud is famous for its pure Balinese culture, which attracts many tourists across the world. If you want to visit the place, then it is best to come here around Mei to June. During that time, there will be annual events such as Ubud Food Festival where you can taste the local dishes and the Ubud Village Jazz Festival that gives you a unique sensation and feeling where you can listen to a jazz music in a tropical and calming environment. Getting the best time to travel to Singapore and Bali will make your holiday a joy to remember.

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